Bathroom Suites

Does your sanitary ware look tatty? Are your fixtures and fittings past their sell by date?? Does your bathroom require a fresh, new look???
Notify the office and we will organise a free consultation to suit your diary. Dulwich Plumber’s Bathroom specialist team pride themselves as being bespoke tradesmen providing every customer with a high quality standard from start to the all-important finish… If you need a cloakroom WC replaced, a shower enclosure re-tiled or a complete new bathroom, our team is on hand to accommodate your every need.

Bathroom refits at the best price

At Dulwich Plumber Limited, we are specialists in remodelling the bathroom in a few days and with excellent results. You will always get the best bathroom remodels with prices and qualities to your liking so you can enjoy them for a long time. We have done countless well-made, complete bathroom refits with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. This allows our team to offer you all the styles, materials, finishes, qualities and prices you are looking for.

Who better than Dulwich Plumber Limited?

How many times have you considered the complete reform of your bathroom? And on how many occasions have you postponed the decision to do so? Getting into work in the bathroom may seem challenging, but not for us. This is because we are specialists in clean, fast and guaranteed bathroom renovations. As a company specialised in bathroom remodeling, we know that the word “refit” generates “stress” because it is linked to a budget and a deadline. Therefore, it is important to have solid planning with the bathroom reform.

It is time for a new look!

You are looking for someone to trust to do the fitted bathroom refit. With our group, you’ll find experts in making bathroom renovations, because it’s our profession and passion for more than 20 years. If you value the experience, count on us. Call us and we will offer you the best offers for the refurb of the complete bathroom. Cheer up, it’s time for a stunning new bathroom and we are the best option: fast and professional.

Rejuvenate the bathroom with quality

We have professional solutions, so that your bathroom fittings begin and ends with a smile. At Dulwich Plumber Limited, we have all the resources, both human and technological, and that is why we are recognised as the bath refit company best valued by clients. Our new bathroom renovations are full of good experiences, and that’s why our customers always speak well of our team.

Stylish bathroom refits

You want to change the bathroom and that’s why we’re capable of making transforming it into something unique. Whatever your style, in we help you to shape it, when it comes to remodelling the bathroom. Really, your bathroom is nothing other than the continuation of your habits, tastes and needs. We understand this very clearly as experts in the refurb of the bathroom, and our customers trust us for experience, quality and price.

A space for wellness

At Dulwich Plumber Limited, we conceive the designing and refitting the new bathroom suite as a space of well-being, for you to pamper yourself. When we make a comprehensive refit in the bathroom, we think of you and of your real life. We want you to have a real place where you can enjoy big and small moments. You deserve quality of life and you can get it with us, because we offer you the bathroom refurb with the best professionalism and price.

Furthermore, by choosing Dulwich Plumber Limited you are covered for 12 months with our quality workmanship guarantee.
So if your Bathroom’s had its day and it’s time for a change, notify the office for a free consultation. Our bathroom fitters will visit you in no time.

Central Heating Magnetic Filter

From £ 99 incl. filter and installation
- perfect boiler protection.
- gas bills reduction, increases energy efficiency
- extends lifespan of a gas boiler

Smart Thermostat Controls

From £ 129
- gas bills reduction up to 40%
- increases central heating efficiency
- carbon gas emissions reduction, smart control over phone

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