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Just like everything else, our boilers get old and start to lose their zest for life. They might start to show signs of wear and tear and this is when minor problems occur. These could go unnoticed, or you might simply put up with them. However, before long, your boiler will deteriorate to a point where you need a replacement boiler installed. Dulwich Plumber Limited understand that this is the news that nobody wants to hear. Therefore, our engineers will conduct their work in a thorough manner, making sure your new boiler will keep you and your family warm for many years.

Our team are dedicated to the installation of all varieties of boilers, heaters and air conditioning installations too. We have over ten years of experience of growing more and more customers. These include individuals, companies, public entities and neighbouring Dulwich communities. We keep our new boiler prices and warranties ultra-competitive when installing Vaillant boilers and always doing it with the utmost professionalism.

Unfortunately, boilers do not live forever. At some point, the heating of the water will break down or become unusable. Do you remember when you bought your current boiler? Like a lot of people, it was probably so long ago that nobody remembers anything like that. Maybe it has become old and tired and the time has come for an improvement.

So here is a 6 step guide to replace the boiler, one of the most essential elements of your heating system:

1. What kind of installed boiler do you have?

Observe the Vaillant boiler and the heating system already installed. It is likely to be one of these 3 types:
• High pressure system (without ventilation) with separate hot water cylinder.
• Combi Boiler.
• Gravity feed system with separate hot water cylinder.

Not sure? That’s not surprising as central heating can be complicated and should only be handled by trained professionals. This is because several fuels and electricity are contained in a small space for combustion, that is, the controlled use of fire to heat the water and your home.

If the boiler heats the hot water immediately and there’s no cylinder of hot water, it’s most likely a combi system. If there is a cylinder for hot water and an overflow tank that is probably in an attic, then it is likely to be a gravity fed system. The high pressure system, or no ventilation, produces water at the network pressure and is the least common of the three.

2. How to decide the replacement of the boiler

The next step is to think about the replacement. There are some other factors that could influence this, such as satisfaction with your current hot water system, the possibility of solar heating and how difficult it can be to upgrade to a condensing boiler.
Your choice of boiler could also be affected by the number of parts your current home heating needs replacing. The boiler replacement cost may also come into the equation.
If a combi boiler is in place and you are happy with it, then a new boiler similar to the old one could be a good plan. For a greater production of hot water, it is possible to obtain a more powerful Ideal boiler.

Gravity-fed systems are more complex. They are rarely recommended for new installations because then a loft tank might be necessary. But if gravity feed is your preferred option, then you will need a system boiler or a heat-only boiler. A heat-only boiler has an external pump, which could cost more.
A high pressure system usually requires a new version of the old one. Although, it could be considered a boiler only of heat in front of a boiler system.

3. To condense or not condense

Since 2003, many new Worcester boilers have been of the condensing variety. These are more efficient and save money on fuel but require external drainage. This could be a good option, but may require re-positioning. A condensate pump and a drain pipe will need fitting, so insulation may be necessary.

4. Solar heating

This can be a good option if you are replacing a cylinder of hot water. A double-coil cylinder is connected to a solar panel that generates electricity. In summer, hot water will probably be free, but may need to be filled in the winter.

5. Installation of new boilers

This has evolved in recent years – and your consultant or your boiler technician can explain to you about modern heating installations. For example, gas supply pipes or boiler lines may need improvement.

6. Total costs of the boiler replacement

If you’ve any doubts about the final costs in connection with the installation / purchase of Ideal boilers, contact us. Since without advice it is very likely that the extras, such as the improvement of a boiler flue, will increase the cost considerably more.
Given the complexity and safety issues associated with the installation of a new boiler and domestic heating, we recommend calling experts to request a full budget for replacing the boiler.

Change of boiler

Do you need to hire a boiler replacement? If you want a company that does it quickly, efficiently and advises honestly on the best option for replacement, trust Dulwich Plumber Limited. Every day, we bring our experience of more than 25 years in the field of heating installers in London. Furthermore, we work with leading boiler brands in installations of all kinds, such as the Worcester Bosch boiler.

We have well-trained staff to undertake any intervention related to Ideal combi boilers, whatever the characteristics of the location. Moreover, we carry out complete installations of boilers in commercial premises and domestic properties. We work quickly to alleviate the inconvenience as far as possible. Additionally, we’ll advise you on the correct use of your new equipment.

If you think you need a boiler replacement, do not risk a serious problem or run out of hot water and heating. As a result, hire our services in time to change your boiler and you will not have anything to regret. Now we make it easier than ever, do not forget to check us out on our website.

We are installers of boilers with all the relevant accreditation and with the endorsement of being a leading Worcester Bosch boiler replacement team in the city for many years. In addition, you can count on us for your gas boiler replacement and all your heating and sanitary hot water needs. We offer a guarantee of speed, quality and efficiency.

Leading boiler installation across London

vaillant boier and controll

No boiler installation job is too big or small for our trusty team of engineers. Be it condenser, Ideal logic boilers, oil-fired boilers, heaters or air conditioners in London. It is always our objective to ensure the availability, speed and professionalism of our services.

We work with the best brands of boilers. Vaillant boilers, Ideal-Logic boilers, Baxi boilers, Biasi bilers, or Worcester boilers and other brands too.
Our technical staff and installers are constantly training new technologies in the repair and installation of gas boilers. Also, oil-fired boilers and heaters too. They will always answer any queries you may have throughout the job.
We pride ourselves on our excellent work-rate and outstanding results. Therefore, the last thing we want is for you to suffer with a boiler breakdown or put up with a faulty installation. This can be not only impractical, but also unsafe to the occupants of the property too.
What to expect:

• Removing the old appliance and mounting the new boiler in the same location
• Removing the old appliance to a clean point
• Wiring, plumbing, gas and electricity.
• Thermostat wiring.
Installation certificate.
• Appliance guarantee by the manufacturer.
• Warranty work performed by the installation company for a period of 3,5 or 7 years (leaks, gas or installation defects).
• Registration your new Boiler with local building control office
• Commissioning of the Vaillant combi boiler or heater.
• Registration of boiler manufacturer warranty (up to 10 years)
• Explanation of the equipment operation.

So if you are in need of a new boiler installation, then give our friendly team a call today. You’ll find your cost of boiler replacement to be a pleasant surprise. Check us out by typing in ‘plumber near me‘ or ‘plumbers near me’ online today. We are always happy to help in any way!

Central Heating Magnetic Filter

From £ 99 incl. filter and installation
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- gas bills reduction, increases energy efficiency
- extends lifespan of a gas boiler

Smart Thermostat Controls

From £ 129
- gas bills reduction up to 40%
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- carbon gas emissions reduction, smart control over phone

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