Water Leaks Detection And Repair

Water leaks at home can be a very serious problem and sometimes they can be difficult to detect and cause serious damage, and a great waste of water. To be on the safe side for your home and family, in such instances, it is always wise to call a professional, such as your friendly plumber in Dulwich, to solve the problems as soon as possible.

Our team has state of the art tools to cure any kind of domestic leak you may have. No job is too big or small. We understand that household leaks can be very distressing and therefore our engineers work thoroughly to fix the issue as quickly as possible. We pride ourselves on our call-out speed and skill levels – leaks are commonplace, and so with years of experience, there isn’t a type of leak that we haven’t been able to sort out. So call our Dulwich team today and say goodbye to all your leaks in one go!

* Signs of a Water Leak

No. 1 – Increasing your water bill.

Has your water bill increased markedly and continues to do so, even if you haven’t changed your normal daily routine? This can be a clear sign that something is wrong. If the difference is significant to earlier bills, it is important to call one of our expert London plumbers.

No. 2 – Wet or soft surfaces.

If you notice moisture on the walls, it is important to call us as soon as possible to avoid further damage to your property.

No. 3 – Changes in the water meter.

If leakage is suspected, perform a test on your water meter. Turn off all taps in your home for about an hour, after that, check your counter. If this continues to progress, then there is a leak somewhere.

No. 4 – Musty smell.

It is very important to seek expert help if you notice a constant musty smell in your home. As well as the problem of leakage, breathing in moist air can be harmful to your health.

* Where to Search for Water Leaks?

If you suspect a leak in your home, there are simple techniques you can use to prevent further damage and the increase in your water bill. Here are some tips to detect small leaks.

In the Bathroom

Toilet. Remove the tank lid and if you hear a hissing sound, try to find where it comes from. If located, check if you can repair it yourself, if you cannot locate or repair, then call Dulwich Plumber Limited.

Shower or bath. Check that your shower head does not drip. The water can filter through damaged seals.

Under Sinks. Remember to check under your sink leaks in the water supply or drains.

In the Kitchen

Refrigerator: If your freezer makes ice, check that the water supply connection is properly connected.

Washing machine: A clear sign is if after washing, the floor is wet around the washing machine. Make sure all hoses are properly connected and sealed. You should also check that they are not old and cracked.

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