Gas & Central Heating

At Dulwich Plumber we understand that your boiler is the “Heart of your home”, providing you and your family with heat and hot water. If any aspect of your Central Heating should fail, it won’t be long before the whole system comes to a grinding halt. That is where our experienced central heating services can help. We can send out a registered gas safe engineer in no time! Our team also carry out any central heating installation you may require, so feel free to make an enquiry.

Therefore, whether you have a broken boiler, a leaking radiator or no hot water, do not hesitate to notify the office. You will have one of our experienced gas safe engineers rectify the fault quickly and efficiently.

– boiler servicing
– system safety check
– landlord’s certificates
– fixing, moving, replacing bleeding radiators
– moving or replacing hot water cylinders
– boiler replacement, maintenance or repairs
– new pipework, pipework repairs
– system powerflush– underfloor heating (install & maitanance)
– hot water cylinder servicing and installation
– thermostatic controlls installations, servicing
– wireless via internet controlled central heating
– gravity / pressurised system conversions
– back boiler servicing and installation
– solar systems installation or and integration
– bathroom towel rail installation

At Dulwich Plumber, we are experts in all kinds of repairs and home repairs, especially in plumbing, gas and heating.
We are used to working in most parts of London, and for collaborating in many projects, both domestic and commercial. Do you want to know about our gas services? Read on and get to know us better.

Plumbing Dulwich

We make repairs and installations of domestic plumbing and gas central heating. We build and renovate bathrooms and kitchens and take care of the humidity levels. If you are looking for a gas safe engineer, then call us, as we perform any plumbing installation. Among the gas plumbing installations we conduct are: unblocking, power flushing, plumbing refits in bathrooms and kitchens, and solve gas faults.

Friendly Central Heating Engineers

We perform gas installations and checks at very low cost, as well as removal of outdated gas appliances and kitchen heaters. You just have to call us. If you need a gas safe engineer, you just have to call us and we’ll send you one. We are authorised gas installers, and we install gas boilers of all models. Whatever gas appliance you have (gas hob, oven, fireplace), we have you covered. We also repair gas leaks too!

Expert Central Heating Installation

We install heating systems, gas heating, and change radiators. We also put in air conditioners and install underfloor heating. If you want to be warm at home, call us to install your gas heating at your property with the minimum of fuss.
The plumbing services we offer are very diverse: we do plumbing installations in Dulwich, but we also repair faults. We take care of all the plumbing of refits, both in kitchens and bathrooms, bathroom plumbing installation.
If you need a plumber, you just have to call us or contact us online. There are a lot of plumbing businesses in London, but you have landed here and must choose us, because we are much friendlier. We perform installations of plumbing throughout London.

Authorised Gas Safe Engineer

In the world of gas installations, it is very important to be authorised. The objective of good central heating services must always be to ensure the highest quality and comfort to the customer. This is something that we, Dulwich Plumber, are very aware of. We are authorised gas installers and install heaters and all boilers. In addition to all this, we change thermostats, and we also install power flush technology to clean your central heating system. If you are looking for a gas safe engineer to install smart gas readers or elements to regulate your consumption, call us without hesitation.

Gas Safe Services

Heating and central heating installation is another element that we also cover:


We conduct all types of radiator installation, modern and perhaps more traditional. Replacing a radiator is no problem for us. We take care of all the previous system, such as the assembly and joining of pipes. This is so that everything works properly and connect the radiators with your boiler (whether individual or belonging to a central heating system). fitting radiator valves can be done at low cost, for all kinds of central heating radiators. In addition, if you are interested in central heating services, we will proceed to put in your radiators thermostatic heads. These both help to save and regulate the energy we use at home to keep warm.

Installation and change of boiler:

For years, we have repaired or removed gas boilers and installed new models at a very reasonable cost. We are happy to take on your request, so you can call us if you are interested. Keep your home warm every winter with the most innovative and affordable boilers on the market.

Gas pipe relocation:

We will fix your gas leak, capping off gas pipe and relocate gas pipes too. Anything  to do with your gas pipe repair, come to us.

Underfloor heating:

We take care of everything necessary to install underfloor heating at home. We undertake a complete service of the floor, since we are installing gas heating. The radiant floor systems have been fashionable for a few years. This is due to its high efficiency and effectiveness in keeping our home (or office) warm and at the same time saving, even in the long term. To install gas heating, we are always prepared.

Air conditioning:

Having an air conditioner at home can be very helpful, both in summer seasons and in regular cold weather too. The air conditioning keeps us cool in summer (although careful to put it at more than 22-23 degrees, it can be detrimental to health) and warm in winter, especially if it is in areas where it is not cold, thanks to your heat pumps. We install air conditioning in your homes and offices, so get in touch today!

Don’t wonder who the best heating engineers near me are any longer. Contact Dulwich Plumber

Central Heating Magnetic Filter

From £ 99 incl. filter and installation
- perfect boiler protection.
- gas bills reduction, increases energy efficiency
- extends lifespan of a gas boiler

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Smart Thermostat Controls

From £ 129
- gas bills reduction up to 40%
- increases central heating efficiency
- carbon gas emissions reduction, smart control over phone

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